1. Is SparksMag compatible with other brands of magnetic tiles? 
Yes of course! Our tiles are of the same dimensions (7.5cm x 7.5cm) . In addition to big and strong magnets, our tiles are also riveted to ensure big structures can be built for same and optimum playing and learning experience! 

2. What age is it for?
SparksMag Tiles are recommended for age 3 and above. Close supervision is highly advised for age under 3.

3. Is there any warranty?
Yes, we have lifetime warranty for our products. Simply contact us at contact@sparksmagtiles.com to reach out to us.

4. What are the materials? Is it safe for kids?
SparksMag is committed to create non-toxic and eco friendly magnetic tiles series. Our tiles are made of using premium food-grade ABS plastics welded together using ultrasonic welding. Our products have passed lab tests to be aligned with the latest safety guidelines and are ASTM, CE and CPSIA Certified.

5. Will there be new product launches? I am looking for more models!
Yes there will be! There will be more new SparksMag products to be rolled out soon. 
We are also constantly doing R&D to improve our products. Do follow us on Instagram @sparksmagtiles to be the first to receive updates of new product launches and promotions.

6. Are you based in Singapore? Where are the tiles made?
Yes, SparksMag is designed in Singapore. We partner with leading factories locally as well as in China as well as other parts of Asia to manufacture our products with strict quality control.

7. What are the different ways to play and learn with SparksMag?
There are endless ways to play and learn with SparksMag! Check out all the creative ways on our Instagram @sparksmagtiles. Remember to check out our learning flashcards for some basic ideas. Remember to tag us to get featured too!

8. How do we clean SparksMag Tiles?
You can clean the tiles with baby safe disinfectant or wipe it using antibacterial wipes. We do not recommend washing the tiles.